The UK launch of CircleDNA

Launching the world’s most comprehensive DNA test at the Science Museum, London

Avi Lasarow
4 min readDec 18, 2019

On Tuesday 3rd December, we were delighted to launch CircleDNA, a breakthrough which we are excited to be able to bring to the consumer genetic testing market.

Our Circle launch event was hosted appropriately in the Science Museum’s “Who am I?” room, which educates thousands about our genes: where they come from, how they affect our health and one of the most significant for the event last Tuesday, the education around the completion of The Human Genome Project.

The DNA themed ‘Who am I?’ room, after hours at the Science Museum, London

This space served as a constant reminder of how far the field of genetics has come in recent times, allowing us to unlock more information about ourselves than ever before in history. Circle builds upon the important milestones in genetics, and we’re incredibly proud to be able to call it the world’s most comprehensive DNA test.

It was a privilege to have celebrated the launch of Circle amongst our partners, friends and members of the media, in such an exciting time for consumer genetics.

(Left) Our guests enjoying their meal | (Right) Lord Anthony St John of Bletso speaking about the power of genomics

Below I have included my speech from the evening:

Good Evening Lords, Ladies & Gentlemen, Guests of Honour

Welcome to the launch of CircleDNA

It’s no coincidence that we have chosen to be here in the “Who am I?” room whereby we can learn more about CircleDNA. This very room helps educate tens of thousands of people per year, both adults and children, about the building blocks of how we are made. This room explores:

- Where our genes come from
- How genes affect our health
- What causes genetic conditions
- Why scientists study genes
- What genetic engineering is
- The Human Genome Project

Speaking of The Human Genome Project, it’s hard to believe that only a short time ago in 2003, the mapping of the human genome was completed; unlocking a wealth of information about “Who we are.”

The work of the Human Genome Project has allowed researchers to begin to understand the blueprint of what each individual person is made of; which in turn has allowed researchers to learn more about the functions of genes together with the environment.

Already this has enabled the setting up and successful completion of the 1,000 Genomes Project in 2018, which itself has helped the UK become a genomic superpower.

And of course; now CircleDNA, a way to help consumers take advantage of all of these milestones, by understanding their own genetic information with 500 reports across 20 categories. Using ground-breaking science in the form of Whole Exome Sequencing (WES), Circle is able to look at 30 million data points, as opposed to the traditional 1 million or less that other consumer genetic testing companies are able to analyse.

Why are we so excited about CircleDNA and what we do as a company?

The UK & the rest of world is starting to pay the price for the unhealthy lifestyles that people lead today. Obesity, cardiovascular disease and cancer rates are up — and the NHS is overworked.

People aren’t to blame though, the problem lies in little education on the effects that a poor diet, high stress life and sedentary lifestyle can cause later in life. Additionally, many will only ever go to a doctor when sick as opposed to an attempt to be preventative in nature.

For many there is a ‘head in the ground’ or ‘I’ll medicate later’ mentality.

It shouldn’t be this way.

High quality genetics is now an affordable and scalable solution for the masses.

Everyone from doctors to parents, from sports coaches to social workers, needs to start sharing the changes that people can make here today using their genetics to build a healthier, happier future for millions.

We invited you all here this evening because we wanted to share with you our own ambition with the launch of CircleDNA.

We want to, for the first time, use the power of genetics to transform the health and wellness outlook for millions of people; by empowering them with more information that was never possible until now.

We believe that our single test with access to 500 reports across 20 categories firmly places us as a leader and innovator in the global direct to consumer, over the counter DNA testing space. We offer something for each stage of life for our customers.

We hope that together you — the media, our partners, our friends, can help make this possible by raising awareness as to the possibilities of what we are in the making of.

Consumer DNA testing is moving to Mass Market Penetration. To give you an idea of the size of this industry, Amazon sold over 1 million DNA tests in 2017. With our own numbers tripling this year, Amazon could likely have sold as many as 3 million tests in 2019. This all demonstrates a significant shift to the mass market penetration of consumer genomics as a result.

The genetic genie is out of the bottle, and it’s not going back.

Circle Premium on display at the event



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